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Coding Lesson

A coding lesson by the greek school was realized experiensing the use of command coding to humans. The purpose of the lesson was to understand the importance of the sequense of commands and how to guide an object as a solution to a problem. Students after finishing the outdoor lesson used the computer to type …

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Science lesson

The first lesson by the turkish school was realized outside our school on a science theme. The purpose of the lesson was to calculate speed as a compound measure of distance and time. Students should be able to identify appropriate SI units for measuring speed. Students measured their distance over time and calculated their speed.

Bread and Cereal Lesson

An outdoor lesson at a local traditional bakery was realized and the procedure of the bread preparation was explained in practice to students. At the end all types of breads were introduced with their use in daily diet.

Discovering air lesson

This is the first outdoor lesson from the Italian school and it is about the nature of air as a gas, its existence and how it can be perceived. Students had to measure quantities related to air: Volume, mass and pressure and identify the chemical composition of air.

Creation of lesson plan template

The template that is going to be used for all outdoor lesson has been created in cooperation with all partners. The template file is attached. Lesson Plan Template