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1st Project mobility

Work plan of 1st project meeting

According to project working plan the first project meeting will be held in Ploutarcheio 4th Gymnasium of Livadeia and all partner schools are invited to attend with 6 students. The project meeting will start on November 18th, 2019 and finish five days later on 22nd. Find daily activities schedule below:


Hosting school: Ploutarcheio – 4th Gymnasium of Livadeia, Greece

18/11/2019 – First day in Livadeia meeting

On Monday morning all partner students and teachers met at school, where they were welcomed by the Headmistress and introduced to teachers and students. The Headmistress started with a speech at the opening ceremony and then students and teachers got some useful information about the daily program. Then there were presentations of schools and cities and presentations of outdoor teaching activities carried out so far by all schools. After the break students participated in two activities at the school yard, one for “speed calculation” and the other for the “air pressure”. Later all participants visited the City Hall where they were welcomed by members of the City Council and a representative of the Chamber of Viotia. After lunch there was a city tour guide by a historian and walked together by the river area, the medieval castle, the Trofonios oracle and the stone theatre. A relaxing coffee by the river was the closing of the first day.

19/11/2019 – Second day in Livadeia meeting

On Tuesday, the group was prepared for a trip to Hosios Lucas Monastery and Delphi. A guided tour introduced the elements of Greek culture and history. On the way back, a stop at Arahova traditional village was made where everyone had their lunch.

20/11/2019 – Third day in Livadeia meeting

On Wednesday, a group of outdoor activities were organized starting from the treasure hunt game that students had to understand the riddle and seek for the monument that hiding the secret word. The winning team was given as commemorative prize a handmade statue inspired by the myth of Erkyna, created by our fellow artist Mr. Spiros Gouriotis. Then there was another activity that combined the English language with the theater using outdoor teaching techniques. Due to heavy rain we walked back to school, and had the theatrical English play performance. After the break students divided in groups in groups and drew their impressions of the day.

21/11/2019 – Forth day in Livadeia meeting

On Thursday a cultural visit to Athens was organized and a visit to Acropolis site and Museum was realized. A guided tour in both places was used for explaining the history and the beauty of architecture and art of the monuments. The afternoon was spent by the sea for lunch and walk at Flisvos marina.

22/11/2019 – Final day in Livadeia meeting

On Friday, the final day, all participants gathered in the hall room, where students assessed the first project meeting in three ways. The first one was to have an oral group discussion based on specific questions focused on wellbeing. The second was an online evaluation about the daily programme and activities. The third one was an emotional expression of their experience on the “blob tree”. Teachers also met and discussed the project’s activities and future activities and made their own evaluation. The week’s work was closed with the farewell party.