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History “Peace-War” Lesson

A History lesson from the Greek school focused on Peace & War under the view of local observations and remains during an educational city walk. The various aspects of war, its consequences, the heroic acts, the value of knowing the past and appraise peace.

Quest Lesson

The Czech school realized a Quest lesson based on the village of Bánov where the school is located. The aim of the lesson was to teach pupils map works, history of village and native of Bánov.  

Geography Lesson

Local Geography was a series of lessons based on the findings of the outdoor lesson near by the Greek school by the hill.  

Azimuth lesson

The next lesson from the Czech school was the Azimuth learning. The aim of the lesson was to determine azimuth/bearing and students to be able to use it in practice in real life.  

Science Lesson on Birds observations

A lesson from the Turkish school that turns birdwatching into a learning journey with the following objectives: ● Explain traits of birds and their adaptations. ● Observe how adaptations help different species of birds cope with their environment. ● Explain why birds migrate. ● List some migratory bird species. ● Recognize basic bird families.

Science Lesson – Astronomy and distances

The final science lesson from the Italian school focused on astronomy and distances. It helps students to Understand and quantify the scale of astronomic units, the respective distances from the sun of the planets in the solar system.

Romeo and Juliet Lesson

The lesson of the Greek school focused on the preparation of a mini play of Romeo and Juliet in english aiming to use English language outside the classroom for a specific purpose combining artistic and language skills.

pH game Lesson

The first lesson by the Czech school was the pH game during science class. The aim of the lesson was to make pupils understand what pH is and means. At the end of the lesson students should be able to learn how to measure pH with the use of a pH paper and a pH …

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Science Lesson on Density

The third lesson created by the Turkish school was on science and focused on the Density and its attributes. The lesson objectives were: ● Matter (or substance) is made up of atoms. ● Density is a characteristic property of a matter. ● The mass of atoms, their size, and how they are arranged determine the …

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Science Lesson – Environmental learning by research and observation

The second science lesson from the Italian school investigated on environmental learning by research and observation. It focused on the following learning objectives: • Observe the surrounding by asking questions about it which can lead to appropriate research of information. • Recognize known and studied elements in the environment. • Inquire about the characteristic elements …

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