Archimedes Principle Lesson Plan

A lesson designed by the Czech school on the idea of Archimedes’ principle and how students can apply Archimedes’ principle in practice.  

Maths Lesson

A maths and trigonometry lesson from the Greek school focused on measuring distances and hights of objects that are hard to approach. Trigonometry, measuring angles and the use of astrolabe are the skills that students that need to develop in order to complete the lessons tasks.    

Magazine article for an outdoor lesson during Covid-19

Here is an article publication of an outdoor lesson realized during covid-19 situation dealing with solar system. The article was published in a local magazine in Banov, Czech Republic.

Zero waste lesson

A lesson on sustainability was held in the Turkish school. Zero waste is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products, packaging and materials without burning, and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.  

Solar System Lesson

The Czech school realized an outdoor lesson on the size of the Solar System by using the human body and make comparisons to the solar system. Students were able to find out that planets are not close to the Sun as seen in most of the pictures and the lesson helped them to better imagine …

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New school year 2020-2021

The new school year has started with new rules on health protection measures against covid-19. All partner schools are restricted to trips and the mobilities have been postponed for a later time. Activities will continue at local level with experiential learning outside classes.

Newsletter No2

The second newsletter was published. Information about the completion of the first year of project’s implementation is published.

Project period extension – Updated partnership

Due to covid-19 all spring and summer activities, including the mobility in Italy, have been suspended and the partnership applied for a 12 months extension and got the approval. The Italian partner school decided to drop out of the project and the remaining schools redistributed tasks and the coordinator submitted an updated tasks list to …

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Covid-19 lock-down

Due to the worldwide spread of the covid-19 virus most of partner schools suspended classes until further governmental notice. Schools organize online lessons and our Erasmus+ project put in hold since physical presence is necessary to outdoor lessons.

Valentines Day Lesson

A creative Lesson from the Czech school on the Valentines Day with creative activities.