Third day in Livadeia meeting

On Wednesday, a group of outdoor activities were organized starting from the treasure hunt game that students had to understand the riddle and seek for the monument that hiding the secret word. The winning team was given as commemorative prize a handmade statue inspired by the myth of Erkyna, created by our fellow artist Mr. …

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Second day in Livadeia meeting

On Tuesday, the group was prepared for a trip to Hosios Lucas Monastery and Delphi. A guided tour introduced the elements of Greek culture and history. On the way back, a stop at Arahova traditional village was made where everyone had their lunch.

First day in Livadeia meeting

On Monday morning all partner students and teachers met at school, where they were welcomed by the Headmistress and introduced to teachers and students. The Headmistress started with a speech at the opening ceremony and then students and teachers got some useful information about the daily program. Then there were presentations of schools and cities …

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Visit at Livadeia Town Hall

On Monday 18th November 2019, students and teachers of the “Walking the Talk” Erasmus+ project were invited to visit members of the Local Authorities at Livadeia Town Hall and discuss about the project  objectives and outcomes. Gifts were offered to teachers and students and warm wishes for the success of the project. An announcement has …

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Daily activities schedule for Livadeia meeting 18-22 November 2019

Here we attach the updated daily schedule for the 1st meeting hosted in Livadeia from 18-22 November 2019.

Science 1 Lesson

This is the first lesson in science subject from the Italian school. It aims to help students to understand the composition of soil, stratification and how stratification occurs. It helps them to learn how to collect a scientific sample and to collect data about it. Finally it makes them observe and use scientific reasoning to …

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Poster for 1st meeting

Mathematics Lesson

The Turkish school realized a maths lesson on isosceles triangles and other types of triangles and differences between them.

Coding Lesson

A coding lesson by the greek school was realized experiensing the use of command coding to humans. The purpose of the lesson was to understand the importance of the sequense of commands and how to guide an object as a solution to a problem. Students after finishing the outdoor lesson used the computer to type …

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Science lesson on speed calculation

The first lesson by the turkish school was realized outside our school on a science theme. The purpose of the lesson was to calculate speed as a compound measure of distance and time. Students should be able to identify appropriate SI units for measuring speed. Students measured their distance over time and calculated their speed.