Romeo and Juliet Lesson

The lesson of the Greek school focused on the preparation of a mini play of Romeo and Juliet in english aiming to use English language outside the classroom for a specific purpose combining artistic and language skills.

pH game Lesson

The first lesson by the Czech school was the pH game during science class. The aim of the lesson was to make pupils understand what pH is and means. At the end of the lesson students should be able to learn how to measure pH with the use of a pH paper and a pH …

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Science Lesson on Density

The third lesson created by the Turkish school was on science and focused on the Density and its attributes. The lesson objectives were: ● Matter (or substance) is made up of atoms. ● Density is a characteristic property of a matter. ● The mass of atoms, their size, and how they are arranged determine the …

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Science Lesson – Environmental learning by research and observation

The second science lesson from the Italian school investigated on environmental learning by research and observation. It focused on the following learning objectives: • Observe the surrounding by asking questions about it which can lead to appropriate research of information. • Recognize known and studied elements in the environment. • Inquire about the characteristic elements …

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Erasmus+ wall label

We designed and placed an Erasmus+ wall label with project name and partners involved. It is visible to all students and people visiting our school.

Newspaper article about hosting the 1st meeting

On December 3rd, 2019 an article about the 1st project meeting in Livadeia was published in a local newspaper.

Magazine article

Our school publishes a magazine and on December issue it was announced the first project meeting in Livadeia. The article mentioned the daily activities of the meeting and expected results.

Newsletter No1

The first newsletter was published. Information about the kick off meeting and the weekly schedule were explained and photographs we used for each activity.

School website article on 1st meeting in livadeia

School website announcement on 1st meeting in Livadeia  

Article about the 1st project meeting completion

The first project meeting has been completed successfully and the school from Istanbul has published an article at “ΗΧΩ” local newspaper.