Creation of lesson plan template

The template that is going to be used for all outdoor lesson has been created in cooperation with all partners. The template file is attached. Lesson Plan Template

Work plan of 1st project meeting

According to project working plan the first project meeting will be held in Ploutarcheio 4th Gymnasium of Livadeia and all partner schools are invited to attend with 6 students. The project meeting will start on November 18th, 2019 and finish five days later on 22nd. Find daily activities schedule below:

School websites updated

Our schools’ websites were updated with the announcement of the project description and main objectives.

Twinspace creation

A Twinspace project has been created by the Italian partner school that is responsible for this matter. Project material will be published along with news and events. Here is the link

Project initiation

The project is initiated and partner schools started organizing their project teams and sorting tasks. A meeting with teachers was realized to inform about the project, partners, activities and aims.    

Project website

The current website was created with static pages and a blog hosted under “news” tab. It was created by the Italian partner and also updated by both Italian and Greek schools. The domain name is the title of the project itself.